Student Testimonials

Cheyenne Schuler @mm_beauty_lounge

“Hey I Just wanted to say thank you to you and Savannah again for holding such an amazing course! I’m so excited to share my new experiences with my clients. And to see where this takes me down the road!”

Nicole @Nickionthelash

“The course was amazing. Informative and prepared me for the 1000 questions I’m getting ahah”

Alexandra Ritchie @blackout_lashes

“Thanks again to the two of you for such an amazing course! I felt like I left with all of the information I needed and left confident and inspired!”

Danielle Doan @bossbeautyglow

” It’s amazing! I love how I have two markets to target now. I get a lot of men inquiring about the teeth whitening services so that’s amazing. Thank you so much for everything. Love this ongoing mentorship as well! Always checking up on us.”

Katrina Junio @katrinabeautybrows

“Best decision ever. Im booked up for the next two weeks! Ty for everything, I’m only successful because I learned from the best of the best. Thank you for passing down your knowledge, if I can hug you right now I would!”

Rachel Vaughn @poshbeautyb

“You guys were so beyond amazing yesterday it truly was an unforgettable experience and I left feeling as if I could do a client right away! You guys are true educators and provide such a high quality training and I’m so lucky to have met you both.”

Vicky Sevasti @vickysev_beauty

“Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I had so much fun. The best teachers!”